Tuesday, January 26

Self Portrait

So I decided to do a self portrait next using the following image:

Sorry for cutting you out Coreen. I love you!

I had actually forgotten this around step 3 or 4, so I had to go back and do the underpainting, which is why there's a wee bit of color here, and why it's not in the next step.....

Demon or zombie phase...take your pick.

Look for the final steps tomorrow!

Monday, January 25

Jenn and her portrait. I like how it turned out, not bad overall :D Learned a lot, There's a very strong likeness...I see I did make her face too long, but that's always been a bad habit of mine.

EDIT: I forgot, I'm using Photoshop. Face too long? Nothing a quick lasso tool won't fix.
Yeah, yeah, it's been a while. Anyway, I'm going to be doing a step-by-step painting of my lovely cousin Jenny. Hopefully I'll be learning a lot in the process. So here's the picture I'm working from and the first sketches.

At this point I'm utterly surprised at how easy this sketch came out. Usually it takes me several tries to get the likeness down, but one sketch in 5 minutes.

Despite being close, it wasn't close enough, so I spent some time up close trying to get her features right, and I think now I'm ready to move on to the underpainting.

Getting somewhere. I'm surprised at how fast this is going. I think I need to do some work on her nose, her hair, add in her earring, and bump up the highlights and I can call it good. Learning a lot right now. It's been a long time since I've felt even remotely happy with painting skin color, but I think I'm figuring out a good process. On a random side note, while painting this I was listening to the Wicked! soundtrack. It seemed appropriate to listen to a musical since Jenny has a beautiful voice, and a great love of theater.