Thursday, September 3

Ate some pastries, did some drawing, now I'm dying of heat.

Anyway, below. Below are two sketches for the Character of the Week.

Ti'phar of the Ararita

Ti’phar is the third wife of Tao’a’teh ruler of Ararita a small planet known for its civilizations artistic beauty, whether it is in architecture, sculpture, painting or general creativity. Ti’phar is determined to be more than a pretty consort for the king though: and she has become a force to be reckoned with in the political system of the planet, having established herself as Prime Minister, and rumours persist that the real power lies with her, rather than her husband. She has become the chief negotiating officer for inter-galaxy matters of state, and her upbringing though formal and staid, has been useful in diplomatic situations where tact and empathy have been important.

She sees no conflict with her two offices, that of Queen and central executive officer, and is a stickler for formality and custom, precise in her dress, and fashionable to a fault, following the strict rules of her planet’s customs; decorum always being a priority, which dictates modesty and elegance. She is proud, graceful and sophisticated, and above all clever.

Her species are known for their beautiful looks; humanoid, tall, thin with elegant refined features.

Open to interpretation, but stick to the description. They are humanoid, but you can elaborate on that to a degree within the limits of 'humanoid'.

I'm going for something with a long neck and eyeless. If you read this and have any suggestions speak up. Ideas are welcome! Yes, she has six digits on each limb. I figure their propensity for art is aided by extra digits and having very sensitive, dexterous hands. They see via vibrations, like bats, but theirs is even more advanced. They have a special larynx that allows them to keep an almost constant clicking/humming noise going even while eating/breathing/and talking. Because of this their voices are also quite strange. Also because they can't see, they have tactile memory. They can easily remember where things are, how the work, etc. because of touch.
And for a change here's a little treat. A recipe I mushed together from two others and made even more delicious:

Goofing around with fashion design. What would it take to make Steampunk styles more mainstream? Will play around with these more later. I am by no means good at this :p Just experimenting.

Liked one of the steampunk designs I did and decided to make an outfit out of it. The belt and pouches are essentially made to hold art supplies. The wristband on the left hand holds pencils and the like.

Sketched this on a spare piece of paper. Steampunk bug has struck again.

Monday, August 31

For the last three weeks my friends Dave, Gavin, occasionally Gavin's roommate, and myself hit up Pierce Street Annex for some Sunday night boozing and good conversation. This was last night, and definitely a "you had to be there" moment. There's nothing as amusing as listening to a drunk hippy artist and a literature major going at it. I believe at this point we were working on our fifth pitcher of Hefeweizen. I was fairly drunk myself, and distracted by an overly friendly palm frond that, I kid you not, moved over the course of the night. But I still managed to catch a bit of the subjective vs. objective truth, and according to Dave in his world that pitcher is a bird. Because no one has told him otherwise, that is truth. To someone else it's a pitcher, but to him it's a bird. I'd go on, but my brain is much too tired. Planned to leave around midnight, but I stayed until 2 and drove Dave home then crashed on his couch (literally 3 blocks away). I think when your fingertips get tingly it's a good sign to a) stop drinking and b) not drive.