Saturday, August 29

Details, details. Getting into dangerous territory where the foreground is mixing with the midground.

I don't know where it's going exactly, but I'm liking it.

Went back to the B&W to put a bit more detail in. Make it feel more forest-like.

Friday, August 28

Lazily plopping in colors. The next step is usually where I get out of hand and effectively ruin a painting. Need to take it slow and easy, and actually think about what I'm doing.

Wednesday, August 26

Round 2 of the WIP. Went back and actually attempted to play with values/compisition/focal points. Also, reference makes a big difference. I didn't find any one image like this, but just grab a bunch and make it up :p Let's see if I can succesfully transition from B&W to color and details, that's typically where I screw up.

Batman as a janitor cleaning up the Joker.....................don't ask. I have no idea. I saw Skottie Young's tweet about how he has a hard time avoiding cliche villain traps. My brain being my brain was like well what if you switched the roles and made the villian the hero and vice versa. Then I though naaah, that could be lame, why not put them into a role/job they'd probably never do (even lamer?)? Out of this my brain though of Batman cleaning up a puddle that is the joker's face. I'm not even a big fan of Batman....but there ya are. I even did prelim sketches, which I'll upload later.

Monday, August 24

Just a little preview of a WIP I started during lunch. Playing with comp and values. I blocked out the environment first, but the way I did it put the characters in the center (something I try to avoid) so I'll be adding on to left side of the image. Looking at this small isn't making me very happy with it O.o

'Nuff said.