Thursday, December 17

I do have a lot of stuff to upload, so stay tuned. Maybe I'll get some of it up at lunch, but most of it probably in the coming week because I have it off.

RIP Roy Disney!! You will be missed greatly. I'm so happy I got to see him talk a year ago at the Newport Beach Film Festival.

Tuesday, November 10

Much, much better! Ok, now I can move on.

Monday, November 9

I tried, it was hard....I need more practice. But I'm loving the new brushes I got! If I can find the link to them, I'll share.

Wednesday, October 28

Beware the Noms!!! The ocean is a dangerous place, that's why I don't go in it. It's when you're minding your own business that things will sneak up on you and BAM you're missing an arm or a spleen. In this case, this silly diver is too distracted to notice all the other fish disappeared. Tsk tsk.

For Sketchy Wenches blog, theme "fish". Could be better, but what couldn't be really? If I didn't post now it'd never see the light of day.

Thursday, October 1

Just a quick WIP of a piece. Same girl from my previous painting....this time with clothes and machete!

Monday, September 28

Not so sure about brightness of the tattoo, but I don't want it to disappear into the shadows too much. No, it's not Nasira. This is actually inspiration for a story that has some similar elements (ie immortality, fantasy, tough bald chicks). Some people might find it in bad taste or a sign of poor creativity to reuse elements or characters from your other stories, but I actually like the idea of experimenting with elements and characters in different genres. Kind of like what Marvel does with their alternate universe comics.

Tuesday, September 15

Since I joined Sketchy Wenches, I need a self portrait. Messed around during lunch. Quite fun. Learned lots!

I can't take myself too seriously when doing self portraits, so I had too doof it up and purse my lips rather than smile normally.

Give me a beard and I could be Snake Pliskin. But the eyepatch is in honor of Speak Like a Pirate Day, which is September 19th, arrrrrrrrr!

Monday, September 14

Theme at is 'Fish'. Just playing around with a variety of ideas. Not sure what I'll end up doing, although the second page was gettin' kinda weird. Maybe I'll never get around to it because I have too many ideas!

Tuesday, September 8

Edit 9.9.09: Had to get rid of the huge white spot at the bottom of the image. It was screwing up the rhythm of the picture. See? Now you can actually focus on Doubt, rather than that glaring white void.

Quickie during lunch. Playing with values is fuuuuuun. I wanted to paint something dark and menacing-ish. The idea has been floating around in my head all morning (tells you my mind-state today no?). It's quite satisfying seeing it actually evolve into an actual painting. Don't like his hand though.....meh. Oh well, that's why it's a speed painting.

Thursday, September 3

Ate some pastries, did some drawing, now I'm dying of heat.

Anyway, below. Below are two sketches for the Character of the Week.

Ti'phar of the Ararita

Ti’phar is the third wife of Tao’a’teh ruler of Ararita a small planet known for its civilizations artistic beauty, whether it is in architecture, sculpture, painting or general creativity. Ti’phar is determined to be more than a pretty consort for the king though: and she has become a force to be reckoned with in the political system of the planet, having established herself as Prime Minister, and rumours persist that the real power lies with her, rather than her husband. She has become the chief negotiating officer for inter-galaxy matters of state, and her upbringing though formal and staid, has been useful in diplomatic situations where tact and empathy have been important.

She sees no conflict with her two offices, that of Queen and central executive officer, and is a stickler for formality and custom, precise in her dress, and fashionable to a fault, following the strict rules of her planet’s customs; decorum always being a priority, which dictates modesty and elegance. She is proud, graceful and sophisticated, and above all clever.

Her species are known for their beautiful looks; humanoid, tall, thin with elegant refined features.

Open to interpretation, but stick to the description. They are humanoid, but you can elaborate on that to a degree within the limits of 'humanoid'.

I'm going for something with a long neck and eyeless. If you read this and have any suggestions speak up. Ideas are welcome! Yes, she has six digits on each limb. I figure their propensity for art is aided by extra digits and having very sensitive, dexterous hands. They see via vibrations, like bats, but theirs is even more advanced. They have a special larynx that allows them to keep an almost constant clicking/humming noise going even while eating/breathing/and talking. Because of this their voices are also quite strange. Also because they can't see, they have tactile memory. They can easily remember where things are, how the work, etc. because of touch.
And for a change here's a little treat. A recipe I mushed together from two others and made even more delicious:

Goofing around with fashion design. What would it take to make Steampunk styles more mainstream? Will play around with these more later. I am by no means good at this :p Just experimenting.

Liked one of the steampunk designs I did and decided to make an outfit out of it. The belt and pouches are essentially made to hold art supplies. The wristband on the left hand holds pencils and the like.

Sketched this on a spare piece of paper. Steampunk bug has struck again.

Monday, August 31

For the last three weeks my friends Dave, Gavin, occasionally Gavin's roommate, and myself hit up Pierce Street Annex for some Sunday night boozing and good conversation. This was last night, and definitely a "you had to be there" moment. There's nothing as amusing as listening to a drunk hippy artist and a literature major going at it. I believe at this point we were working on our fifth pitcher of Hefeweizen. I was fairly drunk myself, and distracted by an overly friendly palm frond that, I kid you not, moved over the course of the night. But I still managed to catch a bit of the subjective vs. objective truth, and according to Dave in his world that pitcher is a bird. Because no one has told him otherwise, that is truth. To someone else it's a pitcher, but to him it's a bird. I'd go on, but my brain is much too tired. Planned to leave around midnight, but I stayed until 2 and drove Dave home then crashed on his couch (literally 3 blocks away). I think when your fingertips get tingly it's a good sign to a) stop drinking and b) not drive.

Saturday, August 29

Details, details. Getting into dangerous territory where the foreground is mixing with the midground.

I don't know where it's going exactly, but I'm liking it.

Went back to the B&W to put a bit more detail in. Make it feel more forest-like.

Friday, August 28

Lazily plopping in colors. The next step is usually where I get out of hand and effectively ruin a painting. Need to take it slow and easy, and actually think about what I'm doing.

Wednesday, August 26

Round 2 of the WIP. Went back and actually attempted to play with values/compisition/focal points. Also, reference makes a big difference. I didn't find any one image like this, but just grab a bunch and make it up :p Let's see if I can succesfully transition from B&W to color and details, that's typically where I screw up.

Batman as a janitor cleaning up the Joker.....................don't ask. I have no idea. I saw Skottie Young's tweet about how he has a hard time avoiding cliche villain traps. My brain being my brain was like well what if you switched the roles and made the villian the hero and vice versa. Then I though naaah, that could be lame, why not put them into a role/job they'd probably never do (even lamer?)? Out of this my brain though of Batman cleaning up a puddle that is the joker's face. I'm not even a big fan of Batman....but there ya are. I even did prelim sketches, which I'll upload later.

Monday, August 24

Just a little preview of a WIP I started during lunch. Playing with comp and values. I blocked out the environment first, but the way I did it put the characters in the center (something I try to avoid) so I'll be adding on to left side of the image. Looking at this small isn't making me very happy with it O.o

'Nuff said.

Friday, August 14

Wait a minute...........I'm not left handed....

Oh look, another typical Friday night in Orange County. While I do cherish some downtime at home it's f*ing Friday night. I'm 24, single and I'm at home. Someone....anyone? Oh right you all have SO's or other friends to hang out with. That's fine, that's cool. I'll just go eat my left over pasta and watch Asian Dramas and contemplate on the mysteries of why so many of the actors are prettier than me. Damn you Wu Chun and your perfect complexion!

Me with man on the brain.

Oh and my Black Adder dvds are being shipped. Whoop!

Wednesday, August 12

The Cheerio and the String.

Step 1 - Find an unsuspecting victim. has some awesome subjects.
Step 2 - Draw your "Cheerio". Basically an oval. This also the eyeline.
Step 3 - Draw the "String". This is where you place the foundation of the face. Exaggerate as much or little as you want. Give them a huge forehead and a teeny chin, or the opposite: a nonexistant forehead and an enormous jaw.
Step 4 - Add the details.

Usually I see myself as pretty even keeled, but for the last couple of months seems I've been going through a rollercoaster of emotional highs and lows. I'll complain about "surface" problems, but there's a lot I internalize and don't really talk about. Part of it is that stoic "Quit being stupid, and just get over it" syndrome I have. There's things that bother me but they feel so trivial. It's been taking a toll lately, and there's an excess of restless energy. So I've been fueling it into drawing. Not sure if it's doing anything in the way of therapy, or if it's just keeping me from focusing on "feelings". Unfortunately it's also keeping me up way too late; I didn't fall asleep until 5 this morning. But that's why they make Red Bull.

So yeah, me fighting off insecurities/worries/sources of stress. They suck, but they're kind of adorable. Looks like Shy is out for the count, mwahaha! I was planning on drawing more, but just stuck to the ones that are most prevalent right now. Random portrait-ish pose. I was thinking more about the insecurities thing and drew Doubt as a monster king who shackles people to himself. I'm sure there's something all inspirational and deep, but I'll let you decide its meaning because I'm too tired.

People should read more. Find a friend and hang out and read. It'll be good for you. I really like this one, even though laying like that would probably be rather uncomfortable. Oh well, it's cute. Would love to color it, but no promises.

Caricatures from last night's visit to Gypsy Den with Gavin and Ashley. SO MUCH FUN. How ever did I miss the "cheerio and string" method of drawing caricatures? Makes it a lot easier. I still think I need to exaggerate more, but it's much better than my previous attempts.

Random sketches, some of these are from last Sunday, the others are from last night.

Playing around with designs for my friend Melissa's photography logo. EGADS! I haven't done graphic design in years! It shows.....but I will keep truckin' away on it.

Monday, August 10

Three somewhat minor, yet still important characters who'll appear in the beginning of Soulstone.
Nasira and Raven approaching Alcaeus, and then teasing him about his wedding ring. "Oh it's just gorgeous, darlin'."(Yes I'm aware of the height issues in the second image...and the fact that Alcaeus' face is not consistant). If there's two people Alcaeus doesn't want talking to his wife it's probably these two. They know everything, and would be more than happy to share. Because that's what best friends do.
Just playing with poses, getting to know her. After 10 years I have finally found the character. I just can't imagine her with hair now, bald so fits her personality! Plus it'd be a personal habit, since Ancient Egyptians shaved off all of their body hair. (Quick breakdown: story is about immortals, takes place in the future in really it'll work, and Nasira was born in Ancient Egypt).
Some random guy in Gypsy Den, and a moment in Nasira's past. No that's not Alcaeus, I need to come up with a new look for this guy. But that's the guy's dad, and apparently he and Nasira don't see eye to eye. And you's not because he's taller.....mfff bwahaha. Sorry, it's late, and bad puns are amusing.
Nasira's birth 'rents. Her mum is expecting, and what is she up to? Tsk, tsk, lady.

Goofing around with panels. All I can say is: practice, practice, practice. I really want to do a fight scene between Nasira and Fear Liath More (dude with the chain and no eyes). Nasira's cerebral arch enemy is a man named Savan, but her physical match is Fear. Many epic battles have ensued, and will ensue without a clear victor. Oh, in case you're wondering read left column first, top to bottom, then the right column.

Sunday, August 9

Poor Tomato is having an identity crisis. Who should he believe? The vegetables or the fruit? Just some quick colors. I'm thinking of submitting that one to Threadless.
And random Happy 'Stache! I was thinking of the Sherlock Holmes panel where Robert Downey Jr. talked about Jude Law's 'Tache.

I had such a good day today I had to draw a couple of Happy Buddhas! I haven't done one in a while. It'd be fun to do a new one every day. I've done no research on Buddha's or Buddhist hand hand gestures, I just like drawing chubby, happy monks...holding rice and chopsticks. It's fun! May you have good karma this week!

Tuesday, July 28

Nasira gets revamped again. Surprise surprise. Longer, leaner, meaner. She looks much more badass without hair. Not so sure I like the colored version, but whatever. At least I did one.

This is the old spirit who inhabits drivers in the vehicles in front of you when you're in a hurry.

My tribute to rock and mohawks.

A tribute to my Grandma Hogan who passed away last year in May. She loved nature and birds. The little girl she is holding is Mary Ann, who died two hours after birth. Personally I hope the two finally got to meet.