Wednesday, November 19

Here's a heaping helping of new and like-new sketches. It's been a while, but it's nice when there's a seemingly endless supply of inspiration. Without further ado:

Upper Left: A sketch of Agent Pendergast and Liuetenant De Gosta from the second book of the Pendergast series: "Reliquary". Pendergast gets completely into character while his friend is a bit more apprehensive about turning transient.
Right: Ghost and specter sketches that found life around Halloween.
Bottom: A pretty maiden and her potential "prince" or stable boy, whichever you please. They don't quite go together though, it's the eyes, and lover boy looks like Zac Effron.

Some sketches from a new idea I had about a steampunk-esque world that exists within wormholes. The inhabitants travel from world to world through space-time. Originally it was a time travel game, but it wasn't as imaginitive. I'm still getting used to and learning about the subculture, so don't come stabbing me if it doesn't match your image of steampunk. If this were a game I'd like it to be an adventure game that involves creating objects and using ingenuity to solve puzzles.
Upper Left: Derigible-ish contraptions that our main characters fly around in. I played with an idea of the cockpit being a bathtub.
Lower Left: Our hero and inventor-adventurer extraordinaire. He's of Asian stock, about 12 years old, and loosely (I mean very loosely, as in he doesn't have any resemblance anymore) based off of this guy. Very inquisitive and creative. His ingenuity knows no bounds when it comes to tackeling an obstacle, whether it's unlocking a door or finding a new way to fry eggs.
Bottom Middle: A mayor-type character. I'm not sure his exact function, but he was fun to design.
Bottom Right: Our hero's best friend and the second main character, though he's about 8 years old. He's definitely my favorite. If he had a voice it'd sound South African and very much like an eight year old. What he lacks for in wisdom and grown-up knowledge he more than makes up for it in sheer brain power. Unfortunately for his parents, he is smarter than they are. He's typically found all over the place and loves climbing on things, hanging upside, and running around barefoot. Favorite phrase: "Du-uuh." I imagine he'd move and make faces like young Tarzan from Disney's version.
Upper Right: Our hero's parents. His dad is an accountant and his mum is a school teacher. I don't much like the mother's face, I need to work on female eyes. Her's seem too heavy, as if they wouldn't animate well.

The boys of Soulstone (for those who don't know, the same story as Nasira; see previous entries in blog). I'm not really going to go into who they are, as some of them really need work.

Nasira Egyptian style. The top left is an icky sketch, did not turn out well. Bleah. The upper right is Nasira and her step-mother (she is Nubian); the two were very close. The bottom left is an 11 year old Nasira and her two half-siblings. I love the baby, I just want to pinch her cheeks! The lower right is a quicky sketch of the kids welcoming home their father.

Character studies of Nasira. I'm so particular about her face. It's a bit ridiculous.
Isn't it amazing how truthful people will be when their throats about to be cut? Just a random sketch, I don't know who the guy is but apparently he has information that Nasira wants. And what Nasira wants Nasira gets, providing physical violence is a means of getting it. The other sketch is of a Brother of Attla. Attla was a Greek god who was "unmanned" (ie neutered, fixed, lost his kebabs) by a Greek goddess. Somehow that became a sign of fertility and the followers of said god and goddess would sometimes enter into such a frenzy they would "unman" themselves. So here's the crazy, eunuch followers in my version. They're not trustworthy and don't like women. And yes one of the requirements is to emasculate yourself in front of an altar and all your already cajone-less brethren. At least they all have great singing voices.