Sunday, May 11

A lot to upload.......again. Not to mention a lot of fun news about what I've been up to!
That is Don Hahn, Producer of many Disney films. I went to see him and Roy E. Disney present several Disney shorts, including the new Goofy short. Awesome, awesome night, even though I didn't get to meet Disney.

The kid is kind of based off of my friend/co-worker Gavin.

Working on some ideas for one of my favorite personal characters. I don't have a name for him yet, probably because I haven't looked into it yet. If you know of any fun African names (like tribal, and the older the better) share them! I've been trying to flesh him out for a long time, and watching Disney's Tarzan again last week gave me a lot of inspiration. The character doesn't all. He makes no sounds as he has no voice box. So a lot of pantomime and imitation. The Tarzan influence comes in the way he moves and fights. It's going to be fun coming up with more ideas for him.

I didn't draw this, but I had to post it. My friend Amy hijacked my sketchbook temporarily while we were at an event in Beverly Hills (will explain below). Amy loves Giselle and Amy Adams. We have an inside joke about why Giselle isn't in the Disneyland parades. There was an "incident" involving Amy and stolen dresses.

More work on the pirate-ninja game idea. Olena is the piratess captain. She's greedy, cutthroat, very bold, and loud. More likely to shoot a door down with a cannon then to climb through the open window type. I'm not sure what style I'm going to go for yet, but I want it to be something that lends well to animation. The unfortunate side effect of doing a character like this is that she's looking disturbingly like myself O.o It's just the curly hair, not the evil look in her eye.......really.
So Friday I got off of work at 4:00 to head up to Beverly Hills for the 12th Marc Davis Celebration of Animation. The theme was Drawing on the Future: Mentorship in Animation. When I saw the guest list I about passed out: James Baxter, Andreas Deja, Pete Doctor, and Eric Goldberg!!! Needless to say it was an amazing night. Each animator spoke briefly about how the Nine Old Men and animators of past influenced them. Then they showed a specific clip from one of the Nine Old Men that directly influenced a following clip of their own animation. Andreas was the first to speak and showed a clip of Maleficent (bare with me I can't remember all of the animators who did what parts) and then showed a clip of Jafar. Pete showed a clip of Baloo and Mowgli and then one of Sulley and Boo. James chose a clip of King Louie followed by a scene of Rafiki. Eric selected a portion of the Three Cabilleros and then the Genie's "Friend Like Me" song.
James and Eric were absolutely hilarious, especially Eric. He was so small I just wanted to put him in my pocket and take him home with me. We were lucky because we had front row seats (I bypassed the handouts in the lobby to claim what I could). Had we stayed right where we were at the end of the show we would have met all four animators. Even though security blocked off the stage, the animators came down the steps and met the crowd.
As it were I met Pete first (the dude is a giant) and then Andreas...Andreas almost walked away from me, but I perservered and followed him. So I managed to nab his signature and have a very, very brief conversation with him. In the lobby I managed to get James's signature, unfortunately Eric was not spotted (probably because everyone's taller than he is). My only regret is that I have nothing of interest to say to these guys, I get so nervous that my mind goes blank. Anyway, the following image contains my precious signatures.

The inspiration I've garnered from seeing Disney and now these guys has gone through the roof and beyond. I've been drawing all the time if I can, and have finally realized that even though I love my job and love working in the game industry 2D animation is, and always will be, my first love. Unfortunately I can't afford to go back to school, so I have to teach myself. There are few things in my life that I can really feel certain of, and this is one of them. I have to do it. Even if it takes me 10+ years to get to a professional level, I'll do it.