Thursday, April 3

The new sketchbook is magic. It has to be. I've drawn yet again, and I'm still pleased with the results...O.o

These are from yesterday. A different idea for minotaurs on the left - a bit more human looking. Seeing as my characters are really, really old they would have run ins with such mythical creatures. On the right is Raven (temp name till I find a good Mongolian one...that I can remember). She's Nasira's best friend, Mongolian, and very short. That doesn't stop her though. I couldn't help avoiding the petite, food lover sterotype. It just works so well.

Aww, it's Nasira's family...or not so awww if you knew the entire story, bwahahaha!! I made her dad look too holier-than-thou priest-ish. I want him to be stern and a bit distant, but not snobbish. Her mom is the suggestively drawn one, I think it tells a bit about her personality. Maybe that's the reason her husband's looking at her in disgust. Oh if she only knew what her errant ways would get her in to. I think she's my favorite sketch out of the ones I've done so far. On the right is Nasira's stepmother, and a not so toddler looking Nasira. I need to work on drawing least cute ones. Anyway, her stepmom is the one who raised her, and was the very wise daugher of a Nubian merchant. Needless to say she ran the household finances.

Note to self: research Nubian culture and Egyptian baby toys....

I've been going crazy trying to research the exact ethnic origins of Egyptians. You've got two sides, one saying they were purely Arabs, and the others saying they were purely Africans. Honestly it seems they would have been something in between, a rather open mix of the two seeing as Egypt was located at the meeting point of Africa and Asia. Historians seems to skimp out on what the earliest tribes are predicted to have looked like before the Phoenicians took over. Honestly I'm not really reaching back that far, but it'd be nice to know. Personally I'm going with my theory - that it was a reasonable mix. Most of the ruling class would most likely reflect whatever empire invaded during each time period. I think they typically had a habit of instilling their own royalty into such places. It's kind of like how the Russian Tzars were 90% German.

Wednesday, April 2

I finally got around to sketching again. I bought this neat little blank sketchbook from Borders. It must be magic, even my bad stuff makes me happy.
I've been mostly doing character sketches for my character Nasira. She's been with me since my early high school years, and has evolved immensly. Perhaps the only things she has in common with her original predecessor would be the curly hair and the immortality. Thank goodness, because she was practically a Mary Jane back then. Now she's her own character, who is giving me a tough time figuring her out. I think I'm learning to let her speak through me, rather than me forcing her personality out.

Basic sketches of her doing her know jumping out of aircraft without a parachute and annoying scribbled in people.

A timid attempt at facial expressions and open mouths. I noticed my current style doesn't seem to lend to very many emotions, or talking. Which is basically saying I can't draw open mouths. That's something I need to work on...

Which is why I decided to draw her in a disney-esque style....or at least that was the idea. I was watching 101 Dalmations at the time, so her proportions are sort of based on Anita. I think my note at the bottom of the right hand page sums up that sketch. I guess I was thinking of what she'd do if she saw a shiny pointy things use for stabbing in a store window.