Friday, November 4

A new direction and one I'm liking way more than the other version. Right now I'm playing around with a couple more fonts and contrasting colors.

More Dynamic?

Wednesday, November 2

Something blue...

Now the question...with or without the contrasting background? I'm kind of liking it without. Less busy and would make it easier to place anywhere. I do plan on using the smaller honeycomb pattern elsewhere in the overall UI design, so I'm thinking it's best to keep it out of the logo.

This is even harder without input from another, or other, artists. I have a tendency to second guess my instincts.

Really just never ending...

Backdrops make things more cohesive. Hmmm...not sure if I should add anything to the cards. I don't want them to be too distracting. Maybe just to the top one.

Tuesday, November 1

Logo not done yet...

Just a quick idea of adding another game element to the design. Question is: too much or right direction? I'm wondering if I should try something else with the letters, maybe add a slight arch?

Oh, and the idea behind this logo and future mock up is a social card and board game, er game. 'Community' perhaps is a better word. I was a bit inspired after watching Summer Wars, which led me to learning how to play hanafuda. This got me to thinking wouldn't it be cool to have one place you could go, where you can customize an avatar, then play card/board games from around the world with other people. There's more to it than that, which I have organized in a handy dandy flow map. Hopefully I won't have to explain too much and the UI design will speak for itself.

Honeycomb Logo Final?

So far this is the one I'm digging the most. It kind of makes me think of a Disney title for some reason, which is a good feeling to have.

I think I may edit the 't' in 'the'. It feels a bit too much for such a small part of the logo.

Although it feels a bit well, plain. I guess I have an innate fear of making it too busy. It doesn't take much to go one step too far.

Honeycomb Logo Round 2

Another round of logos. I felt it was getting too dark so I went to yellow. Trying to avoid making it too busy with the shine and the pattern overlay.

Monday, October 31

The Honeycomb Logo

Working on logo designs for a fake social game. So far I'm liking the darker outlines; makes the logo easier to read. I'm not sure about the bubble effect over all the letters yet, but it may grow on me.

Monday, October 24

Monday, July 18

Thursday, July 7

Work in progress. Heavily influenced by Klimt.